XH305 CVM01E Golulot Medium Carrier

XH305 CVM01E Golulot Medium Carrier

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Xyriat Hegemony

Fleet scale

21.40mm x 52.00mm x 26.90mm

The Golulot Medium Carrier has had a storied history. While only a little later, it is contemporary to the Caldrast, Hedrast or Halgat designs. Of these, the Golulot has seen the most major revisions to its base design over the decades. The Golulot is a “Medium” carrier by the Xyriat definition primarily because of the presence of smaller carriers, like the Halgat and several short-lived “light carrier” designs, which carried less than a full squadron of vessels. The older, earlier designs combined the functions of both transport/repair ship and carrier, and were very slow and cumbersome vessels.

The modern Golulot disposed of the ancillary facilities, pushing the duties onto dedicated ships like the CLRST01C Yaxir, The available space was used for more robust engines and power plant and a better array of defences, both in terms of passive and active systems.

The Golulot CVM01E has numerous particle beam turrets for point-defence. It has two missile racks, usually equipped with point-defence munitions, but somewhat atypically for a Xyriat vessel, has no torpedo tubes.

The Golulot’s role in its current configuration typically is to provide support to other vessels information in the battle line. It is often assigned Vod or Vayox anti-ship drone squadrons. The drones typically screen the Golulot, essentially providing long-range railgun support and making the unit quite a capable warship in its own right,

The Xyriat navy contains a significant number of Golulots, including some still in their older configurations.

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