XH301 CB01 Xyorrat Battlecruiser

XH301 CB01 Xyorrat Battlecruiser

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Xyriat Hegemony

Fleet scale

18.60mm x 71.00mm x 27.25mm

The Xyorrat Battlecruiser is essentially a smaller version of the Kaxvyit superdreadnought. A recent design entering the field only in early 2342, it uses and improves on many of the Kaxvyit’s features. The Xyorrat was built to operate with smaller fleets as the flagship, where the Kaxvyit would be too large and investment, taking over from the older Yuvkix battlecruiser as those venerable vessels are finally retired. (The Yuvkix itself was finally decommissioned 2344, the first and last of its class, and now resides as a display in the Kalaor War Museum.)

The Xyorrat lacks the Yuvkix ‘s spinal-mount lazer cannons and the Kaxvyit’s warhead module and instead mounts a variety of particle beam turrets for attacking both large and small targets. Like the Kaxvyit, it has both tractor beams arrays (though it only has four to the Kaxvyit’s eight) and a variety of light torpedo tubes of both small and large calibre.

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