XH202 CH01A Xoyriet Heavy Cruiser

XH202 CH01A Xoyriet Heavy Cruiser

Xenos Wargames Ltd

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Xyriat Hegemony

Fleet scale

16.51mm x 45.70mm x 21.85mm

The Xoyriet Heavy Cruiser was built for one particular job – long–range fire support. Unusually for a Xyriat vessel, it carries only a few particle beam turrets for point defence and only a few small-calibre light torpedo tubes. Instead, the primary armament comes in the form of the twelve railcannons – four of three different calibres. The advances in rail cannon technology and compactness resulting from the Xyriat’s advances in torpedo technology allow the Xoyriet to deploy an enormous amount of firepower for a vessel of its size – at the expense of only being armed with spinal-mount weapons.

Xoyriets ae typically used to pick off smaller enemy vessels or start to strip shields and armour on larger ones during the initial approach. A formation of Xoyriets does not always follow the main formation past or through the enemy, but will break off in a wide loop to end behind the main formation as it manoeuvres for its second pass.

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