XH106 SCV01F Halgat Recon Carrier

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Xyriat Hegemony

Fleet scale

13.20mm x 47.34mm x 17.90mm

SCV01F Halgat Class Recon Carrier

The lightest carrier vessel designated as a carrier, the Halgat Recon Carrier is little more than a heavy frigate. Like the Calgast, the Halgat has a long service history; extended more so because it is not typically deployed as a full combat vessel. The Halgat often operates on its own or with only a light transport, behind enemy lines.

The Halgat carries a sensor array of its own, but its primary job is to act as mothership to a series of Drone Scout Craft, the DNS02A Vitokor of which is the most recent. The Halgat will deploy to a safe system and then deploy its pair of Vitokors to fly to local systems and investigate. The Vitokors, being fully automated, can operate for extended periods – and can even be shut down into a waiting state with nothing but the most basic passive sensors operational for even longer.

When their task is finished, the Vitokors will either return with the data or transmit it back to the Halgat’s communications systems via a specially encrypted transmission disguised to look like background noise. The twin arrays on the Halgat’s sides are highly sensitive and attuned to the transmissions specifically from the Vitokor, which drastically reduces the Vitokor’s transmission power requirements, making both vessel more secure.

Xyriat fleet has a single hangar bay standard entrance, which the Halgat shares. The bay is relatively small compared to a more typical large bay (a usual necessity for allowing smallcraft to manoeuvre into the bay and shed speed from potentially very high relativistic speeds). The principle gain is that obviously, a small bay presents a smaller target. The Xyriats get around the problem by automating the launch and landing sequences by robot-controlled tractor arrays. This allows them to use a launch window which would be considered almost insanely tight – in the Halgat’s case, the DNS02A has barely 300mm total vertical clearance between the craft and the hangar entrance. The system has been refined over the decades and it now largely fool-proof, having solved the early issues such as being able to spoof the system. Supplementary emergency power units (separated from the main power grid) provide some protection in case of a sudden power loss mid-launch or recovery; these system only last for about a minute at full strength, but that is sufficient time to complete the operation they were undertaking.

The Halgat relies more on evasion for protection, and has a high sublight speed and agility. It has some particle beam arrays for point-defence, along with a limited number of light torpedo tubes, but only moderate shields – suitable for dealing with enemy recon fighters in small numbers, but not against enemy capital ships of any significant size.

DNS02A Vitokor Drone Scout Craft

The Vitokor is the largest vehicle in the Hegemonic arsenal which is entirely under drone control. The Vitokor is essentially, a large droid, as close to the legal and practical limitation of non-sapience as possible.

The Vitokor is designed for extended operations on reconnaissance behind enemy lines and is technically self-sufficient with supply and internal repair systems to not require a carrier. However, to maximise its service range and improve damage repair and resupply, they are typically operated from carriers, most notably the Halgat Recon Carrier.

The Vitokor mounts a compact but power sensor and communicator array to serve its primary purpose as recon. While individually, it is not as powerful as that found on many dedicated capital ship sensor vessels, the Vitokor, in concert with a partner and a Recon Carrier can cover two or three systems at once, especially for the all-important observation role which principally relies on navigational and passive sensors.

It can enter a state of stand-by, leaving only those most basic systems operational and even enter a true hibernation state and drift “cold” for a determined period of time.

The Vitokor is not entirely toothless. In addition to strong smallcraft shields, it has several point-defence particle beam emplacements and a dorsal light torpedo turret. This is usually equipped with only lighter anti-fighter munitions as opposed to the heavier fighter warheads carried by the larger Xyriat vessels, but it is entirely capable of being mounted with heavier warheads if the need is required.

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