XH105 FM01F Calgast Munitions Frigate

XH105 FM01F Calgast Munitions Frigate

Xenos Wargames Ltd

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Xyriat Hegemony

Fleet scale

8.60mm x 32.50mm x 16.80mm

The Calgast Munitions Frigate has undergone several major upgrades over the course of its lifespan. A venerable hull design, the Calgast dates back through the entire prior generation. The basic design was sufficiently well conceived and serviceable that these overhauls have kept the vessel fresh and in service.

The current FM01F Calgast refit removed the older missile racks and the twin torpedo tubes in favour of the combined quadruple forward/rear warhead launcher module found on the Kaxvyit Superdreadnought. While this means that the Calgast can no longer fire both munitions at once, it is able to fire a larger salvo of either as the situation requires. In addition, the removal of the missile racks allowed additional point-defence particle beams to be installed on the sides of the hull, where the missile racks had been. Further, as the Calgast was now an even higher value-asset, it allowed the shielding to be increased by 25%, giving the Calgast very good protection for a vessel of its size.

The Calgast does not carry quite the same larger warhead load as the Kaxvyit does, but nevertheless carries a wide variety of munitions as a standard load – long and medium-range missile, salvo rockets, point defence munitions and standard and blast torpedoes. Finally, it mounts a few light torpedo tubes for additional close defence. There was a fierce debate that those system could have been removed during the refit and the mass used for additional munitions storage, but after a long and somewhat bitter battle, they were retained. Whether this proves as asset to the Calgast or not in its current incarnation, only time will tell.

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