Stella the Goblin Barmaid (Dress 1)

Stella the Goblin Barmaid (Dress 1)

Xenos Wargames Ltd

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Goblin Barmaid Female Assembly required 2 Optional heads Base Included gobbarmaidsupported-gobbarmaid-dress1-sup.stl - 21.14mm x 23.59mm x 26.32mm gobbarmaidsupported-gobbarmaid-head1-sup.stl - 15.25mm x 13.73mm x 13.53mm gobbarmaidsupported-gobbarmaid-head2-sup.stl - 19.05mm x 11.99mm x 15.56mm gobbarmaidsupported-gobbarmaid-l-stein-sup.stl - 14.46mm x 11.54mm x 11.24mm gobbarmaidsupported-gobbarmaid-r-3stein-sup.stl - 18.54mm x 17.02mm x 11.27mm

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