Sorcerers of Hades Weapon 8 Pack

Sorcerers of Hades Weapon 8 Pack

Xenos Wargames Ltd

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8x Weapon Pack (4x Left Hand, 4x Right Hand) (Compatible with all Atlan Forge Miniatures) L Arm Staff 1.stl - 53.62mm x 21.23mm x 18.84mm L Arm Staff 2 (repaired).stl - 17.51mm x 26.13mm x 60.39mm L Arm Staff 3 (repaired).stl - 16.41mm x 27.02mm x 59.76mm L Arm Sword (repaired).stl - 42.34mm x 17.93mm x 23.05mm R Arm Bolter.stl - 29.58mm x 11.91mm x 18.36mm R Arm Plasma (repaired).stl - 15.32mm x 15.46mm x 31.02mm R Arm Fireball 2.stl - 11.72mm x 15.98mm x 18.00mm R Arm Fireball 1 (repaired).stl - 15.62mm x 13.33mm x 23.29mm

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