Sorcerers of Hades Head 14 pack

Sorcerers of Hades Head 14 pack

Xenos Wargames Ltd

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14x Heads (Compatible with all Atlan Forge Miniatures) Head1 (repaired).stl - 8.88mm x 11.28mm x 13.02mm Head2 (repaired).stl - 9.09mm x 9.73mm x 13.07mm Head3 (repaired).stl - 9.28mm x 11.32mm x 13.01mm Head4 (repaired).stl - 9.18mm x 11.12mm x 13.02mm HeadHorns1 (repaired).stl - 13.35mm x 11.51mm x 18.09mm HeadHorns2 (repaired).stl - 11.62mm x 13.41mm x 18.81mm HeadHorns3 (repaired).stl - 13.43mm x 10.49mm x 18.71mm HeadHorns4 (repaired).stl - 15.66mm x 13.34mm x 19.11mm Helm1 (repaired).stl - 9.00mm x 11.67mm x 13.72mm Helm2 (repaired).stl - 9.51mm x 12.34mm x 13.21mm HelmHorns1 (repaired).stl - 10.40mm x 12.68mm x 19.52mm HelmHorns2 (repaired).stl - 13.96mm x 15.12mm x 19.29mm HelmHorns3 (repaired).stl - 12.59mm x 10.78mm x 19.22mm HelmHorns4 (repaired).stl - 15.70mm x 13.49mm x 19.52mm

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