Oni Warlord Pack: Oni Warlord Class Mech with Pilot

Xenos Wargames Ltd

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Oni Warlord Class Mech with Pilot The pinnacle of current combat technology for the Oni Faction in Ignition:Core the game Includes: 1x Standard Troop 1x Large Mech Drive yours today Assembly required minigun_oni_body.stl - 57.99mm x 68.32mm x 45.73mm minigun_oni_arm.stl - 23.09mm x 31.26mm x 28.93mm minigun_oni_back.stl - 39.17mm x 36.10mm x 28.81mm minigun_oni_belt.stl - 50.25mm x 45.30mm x 49.69mm minigun_oni_head.stl - 14.65mm x 21.57mm x 14.41mm minigun_oni_minigun.stl - 55.09mm x 31.56mm x 25.98mm Oni femalepilot.stl - 20.07mm x 34.26mm x 13.23mm

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