Omniel the Righteous

Omniel the Righteous

Xenos Wargames Ltd

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Assembly Required Base_WithHeadAndFoot.stl - 136.66mm x 70.68mm x 143.06mm Body_WithHead.stl - 89.37mm x 155.00mm x 68.54mm RightArm.stl - 18.89mm x 20.20mm x 57.09mm RightWing.stl - 159.91mm x 102.02mm x 86.46mm LeftWing.stl - 122.80mm x 111.37mm x 134.43mm LeftArm.stl - 97.37mm x 75.21mm x 77.83mm LeftFoot.stl - 12.97mm x 12.15mm x 29.78mm

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