Myco, Circle of Spores Druid

Myco, Circle of Spores Druid

Xenos Wargames Ltd

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Elf Druid Female Base Included Assembly Required circle-of-spores-sporedruid-body.stl - 26.48mm x 38.43mm x 20.70mm circle-of-spores-sporedruid-base-fixd.stl - 29.78mm x 16.38mm x 26.25mm circle-of-spores-sporedruid-cape.stl - 22.29mm x 31.50mm x 12.77mm circle-of-spores-sporedruid-head1.stl - 7.64mm x 5.96mm x 5.56mm circle-of-spores-sporedruid-veil.stl - 11.95mm x 8.79mm x 8.68mm

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