MG144-JAL05A Shyroen Engineering Tank

Xenos Wargames Ltd

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144th (10 or 12mm)

30.00mm x 78.60mm x 40.22mm

The 34RTD-1 Shyroen variant is an engineering vehicle, specialising in clearance and demolition. Essentially, it is a slightly internally modified Shyroen hull, with slighter lighter armour and a new turret. The most obvious feature is the telescopic saw-blade, which can extend a considerable distance from the vehicle. The whole saw-blade itself rotates on its crane, allowing it to cut vertically or horizontally as required. While conceivably a lethal close-range weapon in its own right, the saw-blade is in fact most often used for clearing forests or other similar obstacles quickly, so that the Jalyrkieons can maximise their speed and agility advantages.

This task is helped by the two telekinetic enhancers on either side of the saw blade. They function like tractor beams, but are in actuality a magnifier for the natural telekinetic ability of the Jalyrkieons, an analogue of a robotic arm, but with far greater precision. Though it only allows the Jalyrkieon controller two telekinetic “limbs”, there is a fairly minimal loss of control, allowing them to do a variety of engineering tasks easily and safely, without even leaving the vehicle.

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