MG144-JAL04 Jalyrkieon Trooper Platoon (12)

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144th (10 or 12mm)

84.31mm x 32.75mm x 20.76mm

Hierarchy infantry, like almost all Lyrokana infantry, are deployed in full powered armour as a standard. Full powered armour is expensive for a standard-issue piece of equipment, but is something of a necessity, as it goes at least some way to counter-balance their higher target profile and consequent vulnerability.

Jalyrkieon soldiers are noted for being very heavily armed for infantry in comparison to hominoids. Many soldiers carry the equivalent of two or three rifles or four pistols, which they can use simultaneously (skilled individuals – the sort that would use twin pistols in a hominoid race – can use even more). This makes the amount of fire put out from a Jalyrkieon infantry squad vastly better than a typical hominoid one. Thus, even though they are typically only about half the size – four troopers in a standard Hierarchy squad – they can output the same level of firepower. This advantage is somewhat countered by their higher and less easily concealed target profile, however.

With their greater ability to carry munitions as well, due to their body shape lending itself well to portaging, they can also carry a consummate supply of power cells or ammunition. Consequently, anti-armour weapons are also seen in greater numbers in infantry units, both in terms of disposable units and heavier weapons.

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