MG144-JAL01 Idoex Reconnaissance Buggy

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144th (10 or 12mm)

20.40mm x 45.40mm x 15.91mm

The 16RLM Idoex Reconnaissance Buggy epitomises Jalyrkieon battle strategy: fast, flexible and reliant on speed and manoeuvrability over armour. Its speed is helped considerably by the Jalyrkieon’s mastery of gravitic and telekinetic technology, an off-shoot of the Jalyrkieon’s own native abilities. It is equipped with boosters, which, in addition to providing a short upward lift, also locally reduce the effect of gravity on the vehicle, allowing it to “hop” a surprising distance, and even extricate itself from obstacles.

The Idoex is typically fitted with one of two turrets. The first carries an improved sensor array above a disintegrator cannon. This version is best in its scouting role; despite the disintegrator’s fair power, it lacks a significant punch.

The second variant has no additional sensors, but instead a larger phased-plasma cannon. As with the starfleet, these weapons form the mainstay of the Jalyrkieon ground force. With the improved efficiency of the Jalyrkieon’s phased-plasma technology, the weapon packs more punch, has greater range and is vastly better against shielded targets. This later version now sees more common use, despite its lesser efficiency as a scout.

Both turrets supplement the Idoex’s firepower at close range with a coaxial missile tube for the TVX-4 Rerif missile. The tube contains only a single missile, but it can be reloaded by bringing the turret to the forward position and rotating the tube fully vertical. The “blister” underneath then will open, allowing a manipulative tractor beam system to reload the launcher. The Idoex has six reloads under armour.

Both versions of the Idoex also have a graviton crusher for point defence.

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