MG144-CT007 Capacitor Missile Tank

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144th (10 or 12mm)

27.80mm x 54.81mm x 28.35mm

The Capacitor is generally regarded as the most dangerous in its weight class. It is essentially a main battle tank with a pure missile armament. Unlike many such similar vehicles in the armies of other races, Capacitors are not lightly armoured, but have the same shielding and frontal armour ratings as a Resistor, only being slightly less armoured in the side and rear facings.

The Capacitor’s armament has progressed as Cybertank “constructed” technology had advanced. Contemporary Capacitors are armed with a turreted rapid-fire Matter-flux rocket launcher with 64 warheads. These rockets fire in bursts of four are a threat to most main battle tanks. They are also semi-guided via sensor lock, providing the Capacitor with indirect fire capability. On the right of the turret is a quad heavy Matter-flux missile launcher. The missiles carry a heavier payload than the rockets, but are much more limited in ammunition with only eight warheads. The missiles can be re-grown, though this takes some hours. Capacitors replenish their matter-flux rockets at an astonishing rate, however, meaning it is almost impossible for them to run out of ammunition.

The Capacitor can fight both in the front line or from safety, using Dispersions or Eradicators as target designators. They have their own sensors too, allowing platoon mates to concentrate a deadly salvo of fire. A Point-Defence particle laser array rounds out their weapons; like the Resistors, this is a “constructed” upgrade to their original “natural” system.

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