MG144-CT006 Eradicator Heavy Tank

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144th (10 or 12mm)

69.12mm x 86.62mm x 35.64mm

The Eradicator Heavy Grav Tank is often seen as the command unit for large number of Cybertank ground units. One of the largest Cybertanks encountered, it is only rarely encountered operating as a unit. Eradicators are cunning and canny leaders, though, like most Cybertanks, they are not averse to casualties if required. The level of intelligence displayed is a point often suggested that Cybertank size correlates to age and experience. This is by no means certain, as others have pointed out – the larger size may come from the function, and not the other way around and being larger might just mean a larger brain.

Regardless, Eradicators are extremely dangerous on the battle field. With very heavy shields, considerable armour and a powerful sensor array, they are both hard to surprise, let alone destroy. They are armed with a massive double-barrelled particle laser cannon turret rated at a staggering Tier 25. The particle lasers are supplemented by two Matter-flux missile launchers on the sides of the turret. These weapons fire in tandem, launching two missiles each. Each launcher holds six missiles, but then must be reloaded from an internal bay (where the replacements are grown). The Eradicator’s bays hold up to 36 missiles at once (18 each), giving it a total of 48 missiles before it needs to grow replacements.

The Eradicator's weapons are further rounded out by four magnetic linear accelerator gatlings covering each direction and four heavy point-defence particle laser arrays. Combined with the Eradicator's excellent ECM systems, these render it virtually impregnable to individual missiles; a large or sustained salvo is required to even have a chance of getting through.

As to be expected from a vehicle of its size, the Eradicator is heavily protected. Shields of Barrier Strength 60 and 100% Penetration Resistance practically mandate that, like a starship, the shields must be collapsed before it can be destroyed. The underlying armour is not as tough – while rated at Tier 20 against energy attacks, it is only Tier 16 against impacts, making a typical Tier 20 or 21 MBT weapon a serious threat once the shields are down.

The Eradicator has twelve tractor-emitters, rather than the typical four, and two matter ingestions ports on its turret.

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