MG144-CT004 Radical Recon Tank (2)

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144th (10 or 12mm)

40.54mm x 27.04mm x 15.00mm

The smallest and lightest of the Cybertank configurations, the Radical performs function as a scout. A Radical has the highest speed of all gravitic Cybertanks. They are lightly armed and shielded, with 30% Penetration Resistance shields of Barrier Strength 18, and armour that maxes out at only Tier 11 and 14 respectively with regard to kinetic and energy attacks. But their primary particle laser turret is extremely powerful (rated at Tier 18) for its size, matching that of some lighter main battle tanks. It also has a considerable arc of fire, allowing the Radical to perform in anti-infantry, anti-drone and anti-aircraft roles, supplement by the small particle laser emitter on the top of the turret.

Radicals have a noted tendency for over-confidence and rashness, and are prone to making poor decisions and displaying an arrogance which is high even by Cybertank standards. Some attribute this to their particular speciality, i.e. not dissimilar to a "fighter jockey" effect. Others suggest that this lends credence to the theory that Cybertanks "evolve" into larger forms as they age and this attitude is the folly of youth. As always with the Cybertanks, the truth is a mystery.

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