MG144-CT002 Resister II Grav Tank

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144th (10 or 12mm)

28.85mm x 54.78mm x 24.65mm

The Resistor II is almost as common a configuration of the Cybertanks as the Resistor I, and both are the iconic configurations whose image is conjured up when the Cybertanks are referred to. Resistor IIs are identical to the Is apart from the turret.

Resistor IIs have a slightly smaller particle laser than the Is (rated at Tier 20), but this is supplemented by a mass driver gating. This is a “natural” technology weapon. While being able to penetrate most medium vehicles, the railgun is insufficient to threaten modern main battle tank armour (at least from the front). It is most effective under 500 metres, but remains dangerous to nearly 3000 metres, with sheer volume of fire compensating for Cybertank accuracy. Like the smoke discharger shells, the Resistor II regrows its own ammunition, and can regrow a single railgun slug very quickly in a few minutes, due to the smaller size and simplicity. A Resistor II with a steady supply of repair fuel can thus perform the role of a sustained fire machine gun indefinitely in terms of ammunition expenditure.

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