MG144-Aotrs17 Hammer of Hatred Super Heavy Tank

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Army Of The Red Spear

144th (10 or 12mm)

72.80mm x 75.80mm x 35.71mm

The Hammer of Hatred is the current-model super heavy tank operated by the Aotrs. The Hammer of Hatred is heavily armoured and has strong shields. Two rear engines provide it with full flight capability, enabling it to fly into and out of orbit under its own power. The vehicle’s unusual hammerhead shape is partly streamlined to facilitate these operations. However, it is only a mediocre flier at best, and the main turret has to be locked forward during high-speed flight – but it is capable of a surprising turn of speed, nonetheless, if only in relatively straight lines. It has excellent sensor systems, including a front-mounted rotating sensor pod just in front of the cockpit, which is itself very heavily armoured.

The weapon systems were designed to be modular, though in practise, the primary configuration is nearly ubiquitous. The primary mode uses a huge Magnetic Linear Accelerator Cannon, rated at Class 25, which capable of shredding main battle tanks like paper. The weapon is playfully nicknamed the “can-opener” by its crews. The distinctive oblong shape of the barrel is due to the placement of the two main magnetic accelerators, which run along either side the barrel. All three of those parts are surrounded by the secondary accelerators, which work in a more conventional fashion. The railgun is able to accept and fire a wide range of munitions, though again, typically it uses just the solid slug.

The secondary weapons are a pair of Plasma-Pulse Cannons, mounted at either side of the “hammer.” The atypical placement of the mounts was a compromise between the need for a weapon system for point-defence (typically top-mounted on most tanks) and the need for a dorsal turret during flight (typically a chin turret for VTOLs). The guns thus can rotate freely in all three axes. The somewhat eclectic placement affords both guns very good coverage on the tanks, with the only blind-spot being from the area of the rear hull at close range. (At longer ranges, the PD system can automatically tilt the tank slightly to be able to fire.)

Outside of special operations or custom modifications, the only other modular weapons in use are a heavy Plasma-Pulse Cannon for the main turret to wreak havoc at close ranges and a pair of small horde launchers for the twin turrets, but it rare to see either in use in practise. This was primarily the reason no additional configurations were developed – the Hammer of Hatred’s primary set is the best-suited for its typical role.

Deployment was rapid and widespread after its introduction as both of the older super heavy tanks that had been in service were overdue retirement. Both older tanks were Aotrs refits of imported vehicles, the Bloody Spear in particular being a modification of the ancestor of the current Herosine Onager Superheavy tank.

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