MG144-Aotrs06 Enrager Heavy Assault Droid Platoon (3)

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Army Of The Red Spear

144th (10 or 12mm)

71.52mm x 29.47mm x 29.74mm

The Enrager is essentially an oversized large War Droid, introduced as part of the replacement program for the aging Fleshburner Medium Tank, especially for urban areas. The larger body allows a much more advanced AI, giving better (though not perfect) performance.

In its element, the Enrager has proven to be a very effective unit. The initial tests showed it was extremely difficult to dislodge an Enrager from a defended position and deployment in the field, especially during the Muisis campaign bore out this assessment. Though the Enragers suffered extensive casualties, they achieved an average of three-to-one kill ratio in close terrain.

The Enrager carries only moderate armour, but this is due to the powerful shields that cover it forming the bulk of its defences. The Enrager’s shields can sustain two or three shots from an enemy MBT’s guns before they collapse, which allows it those critical moments for which to strike back with its own.

The Enrager’s primary armament is a shoulder mounted heavy (Class 10) plasma-pulse cannon over the right torso. This weapon proved to be the Enrager’s greatest asset, allowing it to shred enemy MBTS at close range with ease.

The left shoulder carries a class 10 coldbeam cannon, which had a good range, but significantly less power. On each arm, it carries a modified infantry support weapon - a plasma-pulse cannon and coldbeam cannon, for dealing with infantry instead of the main guns. It is quite capable of holding its own against a whole squad of enemy infantry. As a large walker, the Enrager is more than capable of entering close combat, assuming it can actually get to the target. The arm-mounted weapons can swivel back so it can lift objects (up to light vehicle size (40 tons) with both hands). It can thus pick up smaller enemy vehicles and on at least one occasion, has used them to smash another enemy vehicle with the hapless victim. Equally, the Enrager is entirely capable of ripping the gun or even the turret off an enemy tank.

However, it became very quickly clear that the Enrager’s effectiveness lasts only as long as it is within close environments. Outside an urban, broken or forested area, the Enragers lack any serious long-range weapons. While both the Class 10 weapons have an effective range envelope of 2000m, the coldbeam is only of use again light enemy vehicles and the plasma-pulse cannon’s effectiveness sharply drops outside of 250m, until it is little better than the coldbeam’s. The support coldbeam has a range of 2500m but is only a threat to infantry. All three weapons in concert are not even good shield strippers, barely managing the combined output of most MBT energy weapons.

As such, at any kind of range, the Enrager is almost defenceless against enemy armour.

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