MG144-Aotrs02 Gloombat Multirole Attack Craft

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Army Of The Red Spear

144th (10 or 12mm)

68.89mm x 56.65mm x 21.61mm

The Gloombat was an experimental concept. It was intended to take multirole craft to the extreme. It was intended to be Grav-Tank and fighter, bomber and VTOL all in one. It was even planned and tested to be used for aquatic operations, though it is unclear how much of this work made into the production model. The design laid down by the successful Fallen Soul prepared the Gloombat for this new and rigorous operational envelope.

The Gloombat carries a Gate drive, starfighter engines and a grav-drive, combined with shields and a tough hull.

The Gloombat’s main weapon is an Energy Beam Cannon. With brand-new refraction technology combined with a turreted mount makes its arc of fire very good indeed, not to mention very adaptable for other purposes. Four class 8 coldbeams, two on the nose and one on each wingtip, provide moderate fixed-forward firepower. A single plasma-pulse support cannon is placed as a chin turret, allowing some anti-infantry capability.

The Gloombat’s final offensive capability comes from its two light fighter warhead launchers. These two bays give it a payload similar the Apparition’s, but being in two bays instead of across hardpoints and bays. The standard load is four Skull Anti-ship/Anti-armour warheads and four Reaper short-range anti-fighter missiles. The next most common loads replace the Reapers with 20 Horde semiguided warheads or replace the entire load-out with 50 Hordes.

The turret, for operations as a fighter, can be also be replaced entirely with a mount that contains an additional four coldbeams to supplement the four the Gloombat normally carries.

The Gloombat, however, demonstrated that the Aotrs had not reached the point where a jack-of-all trades could be master of any of them. It was too big and too cumbersome to be used as a grav-tank and that aspect was dropped almost immediately. The Gloombat was only an adequate fighter. It was too small to carry a significant amount of weapons compared to the larger and more powerful fighters and in particular, the Crater simply out-performed it. The additional coldbeam module did not add enough extra firepower to make it a particularly valuable dogfighter. However, as intended, the energy beam cannon was useful in some scenarios, such and during capture operations, where it could be used to target specific enemy systems. A few Gloombats are thus retained by specialist units for space operations, but the idea of a general purpose fighter was dropped as well.

Where the Gloombat did succeed mostly was in the ground-attack VTOL role. Being well-protected, fast and well-armed, the Gloombat does enjoy a level of superiority over other VTOL craft, and thus it is there that the Gloombat has its niche, though its moniker of All-Purpose Attack Craft is now something of a misnomer.

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