Lord of Hades (Hammer/Gun)

Lord of Hades (Hammer/Gun)

Xenos Wargames Ltd

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(Modular Compatible with other Atlan Forge Miniatures) Assembly Required Base B (repaired).stl - 45.00mm x 47.00mm x 18.13mm L Arm Plasma Gun (repaired).stl - 15.52mm x 26.40mm x 27.22mm R Arm Power Hammer (repaired).stl - 40.55mm x 24.33mm x 26.70mm Helm 1 (repaired).stl - 16.00mm x 16.00mm x 17.93mm Backpack A (repaired).stl - 28.61mm x 17.46mm x 31.11mm Legs Moving (repaired).stl - 29.00mm x 30.51mm x 30.38mm Pauldron2 (repaired).stl - 14.73mm x 14.98mm x 13.90mm Pauldron3 (repaired).stl - 10.51mm x 16.06mm x 14.61mm

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