Knox the Goblin

Knox the Goblin

Xenos Wargames Ltd

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Goblin Female Optional backpiece Base Included Assembly Required repaired_knoxthe-goblin-hairtypef.stl - 16.61mm x 9.75mm x 10.45mm knoxthe-goblin-basebackpack1.stl - 7.41mm x 7.36mm x 5.59mm knoxthe-goblin-basebottle1.stl - 3.61mm x 3.94mm x 3.60mm knoxthe-goblin-baseclothes.stl - 15.02mm x 23.06mm x 17.71mm knoxthe-goblin-basestand.stl - 26.57mm x 4.56mm x 26.57mm knoxthe-goblin-potionslingshot.stl - 16.08mm x 7.70mm x 17.26mm knoxthe-goblin-wrench1.stl - 13.56mm x 10.20mm x 14.91mm

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