Aotrs206 Havoc Orbital Bombardment

Aotrs206 Havoc Orbital Bombardment

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Army Of The Red Spear

Fleet scale

13.74mm x 50.72mm x 15.48mm

The Havoc is a rarely seen sight in the Aotrs fleet. Despite being one of the earliest 10th generation ships to be designed and built, the Havoc has seen the smallest operational use. Modern vessels can accomplish tactical orbital bombardment with their main weapons; the Havoc is designed for serious and extended planetary bombardment or as a weapon against enemy supercruisers, none of which are common requirements. Typically the Aotrs prefer to capture or perform surgical operations on the surface. Supercruisers are an increasingly rare sight and even against space-stations it is often more time-consuming but much safer to bombard them with railgun fire from extreme range or via tow-launched asteroids, so the Havoc is rarely required.

The Havoc is built around the core of a huge planetary-scale plasma-pulse cannon, which masses fully half the hull. This weapon is very powerful but ponderous and only has a short range before the pulse destabilises and both accuracy and damage sharply fall to nothing. Against mobile targets, its effectiveness low and the long time to recharge makes it a poor anti-ship weapon. But against a stationary target (as in, one that cannot manoeuvre; a predictable course and speed (such as an orbit) is fundamentally no different to a static target), the effect is devastating.

The Havoc’s manoeuvrability is strictly average. Though it has shields and armour only a little below average for a typical heavy cruiser a third larger than it is, the Havoc’s lack of other weapons make it a poor combatant in a straight fight. With only a few point-defence turrets to fend off missiles and enemy fighters, the Havoc is almost totally reliant on escorts to get into position to do its only job.

The Havoc is only stationed with mobile fleets, and not even all of those possess one of these vessels.

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