Aotrs102 Shadowfang Frigate (2)

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Army Of The Red Spear

Fleet scale

34.91mm x 29.50mm x 9.25mm

The Shadowfang Frigate is a solid mainstay of the Aotrs fleet. One of the first wave of 10th generation ships, it is second only to the Subterfuge in numbers. Manoeuvrable, well-protected and carrying a good offensive load, the Shadowfang performs well all-round. It has delivered consistent – if unremarkable service in the past quarter-century, and continues in limited production even with the introduction of its larger descendant.

It is armed with four fixed-forward coldbeam cannons, and several various coldbeam point-defence weapons.

The Aotrs coldbeam is a unique piece of technology that started as a ground-based magictech weapon that has transitioned to a purely technological one and eventually reached the starship-level, supplanting lasers and lazers during the 8th generation. These weapons fire a beam of proto-elemental cold (that is, not merely the absence of heat, but its privative). This usually causes the target to shatter as the matter in it contracts due to extremely high rates of enthalpy change, even in the near absolute-zero temperature of space.

Coldbeams discharge a pale blue beam, which creates a kkkeeyyyoooooou sound in atmosphere (and internal sonic environmental awareness systems). There is no real recoil, and combined with the advanced focusing systems give it low dispersion, and hence high accuracy and good range – rivalling that of lazer weapons. Coldbeams can also be configured to discharge a series of short blasts or a continuous beam, though as with other energy weapons, the requisite reinforcement for continuous discharge requires some sacrifice of power.

Early model coldbeams, while they were still confined to a ground-based infantry weapon, required special cartridges to function. These contained a source of elemental cold and discharged via magnetic acceleration; indeed, forces on primitive tech worlds still use this technique. More advanced weapons use technology to directly create the cold energy, giving higher rates of fire and more reliable equipment.

The Shadowfang's biggest limitation is that its anti-capital ship weapons can only engage targets to the bow, but its superior speed and agility compensate for this significantly.

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