Aotrs002 Foulwing Fighter (12)

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Army Of The Red Spear

Fleet scale

62.52mm x 10.38mm x 8.79mm

The Foul Wing is the Aotrs’ primary heavy fighter. It was the first fully 10th generation fighter design. The Foul Wing has good, if not exceptional, manoeuvrability, tough shields and is well armed. It is has a pair of coldbeam cannons mounted under the nose. A pair of plasma-pulse cannons mounted on the sides can rotate in the vertical axis. A light twin coldbeam turret is mounted on the dorsal fuselage.

Two large warhead bays, each with a twin warhead launcher, provide the bulk of its striking power. The designated Standard load-out of the Foul Wing consists of four Reaper short-range missiles, four Reaver medium-range missiles, four Harpy medium anti-fighter torpedoes and four Skull anti-ship/anti-armour torpedoes. The second-most common Strike load-out retains the four Skulls and four Reapers and adds two more of the latter for a total of six, but replaces the other warheads with four Slayer heavy anti-starship torpedoes. The voluminous bays can be outfitted to fire any of the Aotrs’ fighter-carried warheads, and there are several other stock configurations (Strike Support, Capture, Superiority and Heavy Strike) before mission-specific loads are considered.

The Foul Wing shares a great deal of similarities to the Crater; indeed the Crater is essentially a Foul Wing built to a larger scale. The Foul Wing is a solid craft, but as the generation has advanced, the refinements on the Crater have favoured the larger fightercruiser. The Foul Wing’s only advantage over the Crater is that it has a 10% higher relativistic cruise ceiling. It is operated only by a single pilot, though, it has been the subject of debate whether this is advantageous or whether the Crater’s larger crew gives it the edge. In manoeuvrability and range, the Crater is the Foul Wing’s equal; in weapons load, survivability and operational capacity, the Crater is strictly superior.

The Foul Wing remains in production, though in recent years, it has given way to the Crater in priority. The Foul Wing’s own survivability is likely to ensure it lasts until likely the end of the generation, but as time goes on, the Crater more and more takes over the Foul Wing’s job. The one area where the Foul Wing has its niche are those instances where the number of vessels matters (such as in a massed dogfight or running patrols or long-range recon in rotation). Here, the fact that the Crater is twice the size of the Foul Wing (and so can only be carried in half the same space and mass) works against it. Foul Wings are thus increasingly only commonly found in large fleet deployments, performing a general-purpose role and leaving the more specialist, smaller-scale jobs to the Craters.

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